Raspberry Pi: Hands On with Arch Linux and Pidora

2014-Jan-02 | Tags: archfedoraother_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMIn the first post about my new Raspberry Pi, I explored about NOOBS (the New Out Of Box Software package) and Raspbian, the Debian GNU/Linux spin customised for the Pi. This time I want to take a look at the other two general-purpose Linux distributions which have been customised and packaged for the Pi, Arch Linux ARM and Pidora.

First I will start by reviewing the NOOBS boot/installation process. After downloading the NOOBS package, which is a ZIP file, you simply have to extract the contents to a blank SD card of at least 4GB in size.

Nothing special is required for this, either in terms of knowledge or equipment; you can do it on pretty much any Linux or Windows system.

If you don't even want to do this much yourself, you can buy an SD card preloaded with NOOBS from most Raspberry Pi retailers, such as the Pi Shop in Switzerland, where I got mine (I found them to be very friendly, knowlegeable and helpful.)

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Linux on ARM