HMI-focused ARM9 SBC features 7-inch touchscreen

2014-Jan-24 | Tags: COMembedded

Linux on ARMPremier Farnell has introduced a Linux-ready SBC with a 7-inch touchscreen and Atmel ARM9-based CPU module, aimed at HMI applications including home automation.

With its integrated Embedded Display Module (EDM), the EDM6070AR-01 single board computer supports a variety of embedded HMI (human machine interface) applications, including industrial control terminals, intelligent instruments, medical products, network terminals, and data acquisition and analysis, says U.K.-based Premier Farnell. A “Smart Home” demo application is included, featuring a “smart-LED” controller. The home automation application lets users set independent light levels in each room, and features a “smart-climate” controller for flexible temperature and humidity controls, says the company. It also enables room-specific audio streaming and management of surveillance cameras.

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Linux on ARM