HP TouchPad + Arch Linux ARM Coming Soon!

2011-Nov-29 | Tags: archhp

Linux on ARMWe've initiated work on Arch Linux for the HP TouchPad and have made great progress over the past week. It's currently in a developer-preview state, but if you're willing to acquire some USB connection cables, you can join the fun. Going forward, we plan to package up a nice bundle with everything you need to easily enjoy Arch Linux ARM on the TouchPad and have a truly open tablet computer.

Arch Linux ARM is an operating system, a distribution of Linux for ARM computers. We are aimed at ARMv5 platforms like plug computers, OXNAS-based ARMv6 Pogoplugs, Cortex-A8 platforms such as the BeagleBoard, and Cortex-A9 and Tegra platforms like the PandaBoard and Trim Slice. However, it can run on any device that supports ARMv5te or Cortex-A instruction sets. Arch Linux ARM is a unified effort, combining PlugApps and ArchMobile with a closer affiliation to upstream Arch Linux. This collaboration brings users the best platform, package, and installation support. We're the same people working toward the same goal, but with a different name.

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Linux on ARM