Dell ARMs itself with new proof-of-concept 64-bit 'microserver'

2014-Feb-07 | Tags: 64bitserver

Linux on ARMDell offers prototype ARM-based 64-bit server for private testing to 'select customers,' but actual data center use is still a long way off - During the last two years, Dell's been pushing its nose all the more into the low-power 64-bit ARM server tent -- but only by slow inches, much like the rest of the industry.

Yesterday Dell announced yet another small but intriguing step forward:a new proof-of-concept 64-bit ARM server design, available to testers and software developers, as the next stage in Dell's evolution of ARM servers.

But don't hold your breath for this to be available in a 1U form factor. Right now, the server's strictly a proof-of-concept offering, designed mainly "to further accelerate the development of the 64-bit ARM ecosystem and support testing with select customers." This server appears to be a more developed version of a prototype that was demonstrated in October 2013.

No, this server isn't available to the general public -- yet. Any word on a finished product that could be sold to customers or end-users is still a ways off.

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Linux on ARM