Linux 32-bit ARM Display Driver - 334.16 BETA

2014-Feb-08 | Tags: drivernvidia

Linux on ARMVersion: 334.16 BETA
Release Date: 2014.2.7
Operating System: Linux 32-bit ARM
File Size: 22.00 MB

  • Fixed a bug that could cause nvidia-settings to compute incorrect gamma ramps when adjusting the color correction sliders.
  • Updated the nvidia-settings control panel to allow the selection of display devices using RandR and target ID names when making queries targeted towards specific display devices.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some dropdown menus in the nvidia-settings control panel from working correctly on older versions of GTK+ (e.g. 2.10.x).
  • Updated the nvidia-settings control panel to provide help text for application profile keys and suggestions for valid key names when configuring application profiles...


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Linux on ARM