Applied Micro X-Gene X-C1 ARMv8 Server Development Board is Now Available for Pre-order

2014-Feb-15 | Tags: server

Linux on ARMApplied Micro X-Gene is the very first processor to use ARM 64-bit architecture (ARMv8), not Cortex A53 or Cortex A57, but a custom implementation, and last year we’ve seen the company’s ARMv8 development board running 4 Linux virtual machines via KVM. The platform, called X-Gene X-C1, can now be pre-ordered to develop private cloud, public cloud, and enterprise applications.

There’s limited public information for now, but I could derive specifications from a few places on the web and available pictures:

  • SoC – Applied Micro X-Gene eight core ARMv8 processor @ 2+GHz
  • System Memory – 2x DDR3 memory slots
  • Storage – 4x SATA 2/3 ports + SD card slot
  • Connectivity – 3x 10 Gb Ethernet ports
  • USB – 2x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, 1x mini USB port
  • Expansion – PCIe Gen 3
  • Monitoring DB9 Serial port
  • Power – ATX


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Linux on ARM