Tiny ARM+FPGA COM tips, embedded Linux revs up

2014-Feb-19 | Tags: COMembedded

Linux on ARMDenx announced a tiny module based on the hybrid Cortex-A9/FPGA Altera Cyclone V SoC, and also released v5.5 of its venerable ELDK embedded Linux platform.

Denx is formally launching the 74 x 42mm “MCV” computer-on-module at Embedded World 2014, Feb. 25-27 in Nuremberg, Germany, along with version 5.5 of its Embedded Linux Development Kit (ELDK) platform and distribution (see farther below). The pioneering Gröebenzell, Germany based embedded Linux house, which created U-Boot, among other contributions, continues to develop a variety of Linux-ready embedded embedded systems and COMs, such as its Freescale i.MX53x based M53 module.

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Linux on ARM