First Public Evidence Of Samsung’s 64-bit SoC Surfaces But It’s Light On Details

2014-Feb-20 | Tags: SoCcompatibilitydevelopmentsamsung

Linux on ARMAs the majority of our readers should be aware of, Apple’s A7 processor is the first mobile SoC to have adopted the 64-bit architecture. While this doesn’t offer a ton of benefits at this point in time, it’s still quite an achievement, and with the passage of time, you can be certain that more smartphones will feature 64-bit processors under the hood.

Given the fact that Samsung has been the one to manufacture the A7 processor, and also because Sammy has enough resources to heavily invest in R&D, there have been several reports suggesting that the Korean tech giant is already working on a 64-bit Exynos processor of its own. These rumors have started surfacing since last year, but there haven’t been any concrete bits of evidence to support these theories. Not until now.

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Linux on ARM