Linux 3.14 kernel revision beefs up ARM, VM support

2014-Apr-01 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopmentdriverkernelvirtualization

Linux on ARMThe latest Linux kernel's revision number may be 3.14, but don't expect any pi jokes in the release notes. Do, however, look past the matter-of-fact release announcement on the Linux kernel development mailing list for some intriguing improvements in ways that may have implications for cutting-edge processors and for cloud/VM environments.

Most Linux releases either add or expand Linux's ability to run on a variety of processors, and 3.14 is no different, adding support for two key new processor types. First, and in some ways the most significant, is expanded support for various ARM system-on-chip solutions, such as HiSilicon and Freescale. ARM SoC solutions aren't just for smartphones anymore, but are fast becoming a part of future plans for high-density, low-power-consumption data center designs, with everyone from Red Hat to Microsoft (and, of course, the Open Compute Project) getting on board to be a part of it.

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Linux on ARM