A survey of ARM operating systems

2014-Apr-22 | Tags: archdebianvia

Linux on ARMA piece of hardware without the software to run on it does not do much good. I can have the best piece of computing equipment if there's no operating system to boot it. With all their advantages, each ARM CPU still requires some effort on the side of operating system maintainers before the hardware and software can work well together. Fortunately there's a very active community, lots of accumulated developer knowledge, and many choices.

Linux supports an amazing variety of computing hardware, and now often that is the first system available for new development boards. With ARM each new processor needs a new driver too, thus usually there's only one or two operating system is available at first. Fortunately support for one distribution often find its way into others. The Springboard development pack is based on Debian, which is a distribution with a long track record of stability. I'm writing this article running that Debian development system...

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Linux on ARM