Why ARM Servers, And Why Now?

2014-May-06 | Tags: 64bitanalysisintelserverversus

how-toIt is a pity that smartphones and tablets did not come along earlier and did not need 64-bit processing and memory addressing sooner than they did. Had these consumer devices (which are now generally thought of as being indispensable for business as well) required such rich circuitry earlier, then the collective of chip manufacturers who are part of the ARM collective might have put some server-class chips into the field a lot earlier and given datacenters some real alternatives to the X86 architecture by now.

But that did not happen, and for a variety of chicken-and-egg reasons. This was one of the topics of conversation at the ARM Tech Day dedicated to servers that ARM Holdings hosting in Austin, Texas, last week and which EnterpriseTech attended. The ARM server folks were on hand to drill down a bit into the technology that the holding company creates on behalf of its licensees and a number of vendors demonstrated their hard and soft wares to show that the ARM server ecosystem is coming along.

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