Rumor: ARM Macs in the Works, Possibly Launching at WWDC14 [Updated]

2014-May-26 | Tags: desktoplaptop

Linux on ARMA strange but tantalizing rumor coming out of France this week suggests that not only has Apple not given up plans to build an army of ARM-based Macs, but the company is actually marching onwards with these plans, possibly to surprise us next week with a major announcement at the WWDC opening keynote.

A MacBidouille report citing reliable sources that have been accurate in the past says, in a nutshell, to expect major new Mac upgrades featuring a new breed of ARM processors designed specifically for the desktop experience.

Apple has lined up the following army of Macs, according to these sources: “all-new iMac which have 4 or 8 ARM 64 processor with four cores; Mac mini which have 4 ARM 64 processor with four cores; a portable 13" also with 4 or 8 quad-core ARM 64 processors.”

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Linux on ARM