Xen virtualization being ported to ARM chips

2011-Dec-05 | Tags: servervirtualization

Linux on ARMGroups led by developers at Citrix and Samsung are bringing Xen hypervisor to ARM Cortex A15, but a KVM project isn't far behind - Several Xen developers who currently work for Citrix recently announced they are porting the Xen hypervisor to the ARM processor architecture. The group's work began less than three months ago, but the port is said to already be capable of booting a Linux 3.0-based virtual machine.

The Xen port announcement was made on the Linux Kernel Mailing List by Stefano Stabellini, a senior software engineer on the XenServer team at Citrix, who has been working on Xen technology since 2007. He's joined on the project by several other developers, including fellow Citrix employees Ian Campbell and Tim Deegan, whose history goes back to the early days of Xen with the University of Cambridge and XenSource.

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Linux on ARM