Applied Micro, Canonical claim the first ARM 64-bit server production software deployment

2014-May-29 | Tags: 64bitserverubuntu

Linux on ARMSummary: Are 64-bit ARM processors ready for the datacenter? Applied Micro and Canonical claim they are with an upcoming demo of the OpenStack cloud using Ubuntu Linux on an X-Gene server.

For a few years now, AMD has been saying that 64-bit ARM chips — yes those processors you usually think of as powering your smartphone or tablet — are going to play not just a big role on servers, but on datacenters and the cloud as well.

On May 30, Applied Micro Circuits Corp. (AMCC) and Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company, will seek to show that is real technology not vaporware at a pre-Computex demo in Taiwan.

Specifically, the two companies will be trying to show off Icehouse, the latest OpenStack cloud release using Ubuntu 14.04 Long Term Support (LTS) in a KVM virtualized environment running on an X-Gene-based server rack.

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Linux on ARM