Linux 32-bit ARM Display Driver - 340.24

2014-Jul-10 | Tags: drivernvidia

Linux on ARMVersion: 340.24
Release Date: 2014.7.8
Operating System: Linux 32-bit ARM
File Size: 23.00 MB

  • Fixed a bug that prevented 3D Vision stereo and ultra low motion blur modes from working on G-SYNC capable monitors in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Allow G-SYNC" checkbox to be displayed in nvidia-settings even if the GPUs in the system are not capable of G-SYNC.
  • Fixed a kernel crash when running some applications with IOMMU functionality enabled.
  • Fixed a floating point exception in the OpenGL driver when running "Risk of Rain" under Wine.
  • Made various improvements and corrections to the information reported to GL applications via the KHR_debug and ARB_debug_output extensions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused GLX applications which simultaneously create drawables on multiple X servers to crash when swapping buffers.
  • ...


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Linux on ARM