Red Hat Rolls Up Linux For ARM Servers

2014-Jul-30 | Tags: 64bitredhatserver

Linux on ARMThe great thing about Linux is that it runs on nearly everything, and if ARM servers ever take off, they will do so because Linux workloads are ported from X86 and other architectures to run on 64-bit ARM processors. The classic chicken and egg problem is making it difficult for an ARM server ecosystem to develop, and Red Hat is going to help this along with an effort it calls the ARM Partner Early Access Program.

That is a boring name for an effort that will give ARM chip makers and their server partners a variant of the Red Hat Linux software stack that is tuned up to run on the latest 64-bit ARM processors. This variant of Red Hat Linux does not have a name yet, says Mark Coggin, senior director of product marketing for the Platform Business Unit at Red Hat. The partner program will give companies access to something that is conceptually somewhere between the Fedora development release, which has supported ARM processors for several iterations, and the commercial-grade Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which does not yet support ARM, even with the just-announced RHEL 7 version...

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Linux on ARM