VolksPC wants to crowdfund an Android/Debian Linux PC

2014-Aug-02 | Tags: androiddebiandesktop

Linux on ARMThe folks at VolksPC started showing off a software solution that lets you run Android and Debian Linux simultaneously on an ARM-based computer. This lets you use the same machine to run full desktop Linux apps like LibreOffice or Firefox as well as Android apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and any number of video games.


Now VolksPC wants to deliver an actual mini-PC that runs its software, and it’s turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money to manufacturer and distribute the first VolksPC computer.

You can reserve one of the first VolksPC units for a pledge of $119 or more.

The computer’s hardware isn’t exactly state of the art. It’s the software that makes the VolksPC device special. But early reports suggest both Android and Linux run reasonably well on a hardware with similar specs.

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Linux on ARM