Red Hat: ARM servers will come when people crank out chips like AMD's 64-bit Seattle

2014-Aug-23 | Tags: 64bitamdredhatserver

Linux on ARMLinuxCon 2014 - It's practically a given that the ARM processor architecture – so beloved by makers of small devices everywhere – will graduate to servers soon. But before ARM servers can ship in any significant volume, a standardized hardware platform that specifically targets the data center is a must.

So sayeth Jon Masters, chief ARM architect for enterprise Linux giant Red Hat, who addressed the topic during a session at the LinuxCon 2014 conference in Chicago on Thursday.

Red Hat and others – most notably the Linaro consortium, of which Red Hat is also a member – have been working on getting Linux ready for ARM servers, and vice versa, for several years. But according to Masters, one challenge has been convincing hardware vendors that what has worked for ARM on mobile devices won't work for the data center.

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Linux on ARM