Canonical Ubuntu Server Embracing ARM Architectures

2011-Sep-15 | Tags: debiandesktopserverubuntu

Linux on ARMWe already know that Ubuntu Server developers are heavily invested in the cloud, a focus that continues during the current development cycle.  But that’s not all to expect next fall: Ubuntu Server will also add support for ARM architectures.  Here’s a look at exactly what to expect, and what it means for the channel.

ARM chips have been around in one form or another for a while–decades, actually.  But they’ve been popular in recent years only in mobile hardware.  Although some Linux distributions, like Debian (which supports every architecture under the sun), have long shipped builds optimized for different ARM sub-architectures, Ubuntu has traditionally provided little or limited official support for the family of chips.

That makes sense, given that ARM hardware represents only a fraction of the market and that Ubuntu’s primary strength has always been on the desktop, where virtually no ARM hardware exists, and in the server world, where ARM has only lately emerged as a major hardware possibility.

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Linux on ARM