NetBSD - ARM multiprocessor support

2014-Nov-06 | Tags: bsdother_linux

Linux on ARMThose following the source-changes mailing list closely may have noticed several evbarm kernels getting "options MULTIPROCESSOR" in the last few days. This is due to those configurations now running properly in SMP mode, thanks to work mostly done by Matt Thomas and Nick Hudson.

The list of supported multiprocessor boards currently is:

  • Banana Pi (BPI)
  • Cubieboard 2 (CUBIEBOARD)
  • Cubietruck (CUBIETRUCK)
  • Merrii Hummingbird A31 (HUMMINGBIRD_A31)

Details how to create bootable media and various other information for the Allwinner boards can be found on the NetBSD/evbarm on Allwinner Technology SoCs wiki page.

The release engineering team is discussing how to bring all those changes into the netbsd-7 branch as well, so that we can call NetBSD 7.0 "the ARM SoC release".

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Linux on ARM