Dev board runs Yocto Linux on Altera ARM+FPGA SoC

2014-Nov-11 | Tags: COMSoCdevelopmentother_linux

Linux on ARMNewark Element14′s “Lark Board” SBC runs Yocto Linux on Altera’s ARM/FPGA Cyclone V SX SoC, and offers USB Blaster II, camera, and expansion interfaces.

The Lark Board, which sells for $940, is one of the more powerful ARM development boards you’re likely to find, at least if FPGAs are what you’re looking for. It’s designed for development of high-volume applications including automotive, medical equipment, video surveillance, and industrial control.

The Lark Board, which is manufactured by Embest, and designed, branded, and distributed by Newark Element14, is built around Altera’s Cyclone V SX system-on-chip. The SoC mixes the FPGA logic of Altera’s Stratix V FPGAs with a “Hard Processor System” (HPS) that consists of a pair of 800MHz ARM Cortex-A9 cores that run Linux. The two subsystems are linked by high-speed AXI interconnects, somewhat like the Xilinx Zynq SoC.

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Linux on ARM