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2011-Dec-18 | Tags: SoCother_linuxslackware

Linux on ARMSlackware ARM (“ARMedslack”) is the official port of the Slackware® Linux distribution to the ARM architecture. Currently, the project focuses its efforts on supporting the most popular devices such as the Plug Computers, and can also be used under the QEMU emulator. Support for other devices will be added over time.

Slackware ARM v13.1 and v13.37 and onwards is built for ARMv4t, little endian, soft float, EABI. Slackware-current (the development branch) is being re-based for ARMv5te, little endian, soft float, EABI.

Latest news:

15-Dec-2011 -Slackware ARM 'current' is now being re-based to support ARMv5te. This is because Slackware ARM only provides kernels for devices that have an ARM v5t CPU, and the user base primarily uses Plug Computers with these CPUs. Therefore it makes sense to optimise the user land for the these CPUs.

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Linux on ARM