Tiny quad-core ARM mini-PC runs Ubuntu with Cinnamon

2014-Nov-26 | Tags: desktopubuntu

Linux on ARMA startup is pitching a $129-$199 “Imp” mini-PC on Indiegogo based on a quad-core Odroid-U3 SBC, with HDMI streaming and an Ubuntu/Cinnamon Linux desktop.

A day after reporting on one Israeli-based, non-Android based ARM mini-PC — SolidRun’s $100 CuBoxTV with OpenElec Linux — here comes another. Aside from the usual hyperbole found on crowdfunding pages — are we really “democratizing the digital home experience” or just buying an embedded ARM computer? — the Ubuntu-based Imp mini-PC looks like a pretty good deal.

That’s especially true if you can still get your hands on one of the $129 early bird funding package on Indiegogo (flexible funding), with shipments due in April. The standard $149 pricing seems reasonable too, though the expected MSRP of $199 seems on the high side.

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Linux on ARM