Cavium Debuts 48-Core ARM Server Chip

2014-Dec-02 | Tags: SoCserver

Linux on ARMBack in June, silicon vendor Cavium first announced its ThunderX System-on-a-Chip (SoC) lineup. Today Cavium announced that the ThunderX chips are now available, including an industry first — a 48-core ARMv8 processor.

The four ThunderX product families include ThunderX_CP for Cloud compute workloads, ThunderX_ST for Cloud storage. ThunderX_NT for networking applications and ThunderX_SC for secure computing.

Rishi Chugh, Director, Product Marketing in the Data Center Processor Group at Cavium, told ServerWatch that all four families within ThunderX are enabled with a 48-core SKU.

"In all of them the dual-socket configuration for a 96-core sever will mandate both the socket SKUs to be a 48-core part," Chugh said.

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Linux on ARM