Xen 4.5 flexes its muscles on Intel and ARM

2015-Jan-15 | Tags: amdservervirtualization

Linux on ARMVersion 4.5 of Xen, Citrix's former hypervisor project now overseen by the Linux Foundation, debuted today with a host of improvements aimed at widening Xen's support on ARM processors, broadening the scenarios where Xen can be used, and tamping down long-standing criticisms of Xen's performance.

The previous version of Xen widened the technology's stake in supporting ARM processors used in the data center and made it easier to port Xen to as-yet-unreleased SoC (system-on-chip) designs. With 4.5, Xen supports up to 1TB of guest RAM on ARM, has reworked interrupt handling for faster performance, and can boot into the hypervisor using UEFI firmware on ARM. Xen 4.5 also supports a host of newly released ARM SoCs, such as AMD's Opteron A1100.

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Linux on ARM