Linux Kernel 3.19.1 Officially Released, Brings ARM, ARM64, and x86 Improvements

2015-Mar-08 | Tags: 64bitmipsupdate

Linux on ARMGreg Kroah-Hartman had the pleasure of announcing earlier today, March 7, the immediate availability for download of the first point release for the Linux 3.19 kernel, which is the current stable branch of the Linux kernel, the core of any GNU/Linux operating system.

According to the changelog, Linux kernel 3.19.1 brings a number of improvements to various architectures, including ARM, x86, PowerPC, MIPS, ARM64, as well as s390. It also includes numerous updated drivers, file system improvements, networking fixes, sound enhancements, and security patches.

“I'm announcing the release of the 3.19.1 kernel. All users of the 3.19 kernel series must upgrade. The updated 3.19.y git tree can be browsed at...

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Linux on ARM