Linux Kernel 3.18.11 LTS Brings ARM, ARM64, PowerPC, and x86 Fixes, Updated Drivers

2015-Apr-06 | Tags: 64bitdriverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMSasha Levin has announced the immediate availability for download and update of the Linux kernel 3.18.11 LTS (Long Term Support), a release that brings a great number of bugfixes, updated drivers, and other important improvements to the most advanced LTS version of the Linux kernel.

According to the appended shortlog, Linux kernel 3.18.11 LTS comes with many improvements to several architectures, including ARM, ARM64, s390, PowerPC, x86, MicroBlaze, and SPARC, updates to the NILFS2 and FUSE file systems, sound improvements, as well as networking fixes, especially for IPv4 and IPv6.

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Linux on ARM