$25 Raspberry Pi PC nears launch

2011-Dec-26 | Tags: COMraspberrypi

Linux on ARM2011 was a remarkable year for technology. The rise of Android helped spread the adoption of smartphones; the iPad continued to dominate the tablet space, amid rumblings that we were entering a new post-PC era; and the cost of devices continued to fall, with Amazon launching its Kindle Fire tablet in the US for $199, and India seeing the launch of an Android tablet for just $35.

One of this year’s most intriguing prospects for computing was the Raspberry Pi, a computer in a package around the size of a credit card, with an equally miniature price tag, capable of HD video playback.

We first reported on it back in May; the lack of headlines since then might have led you to believe that the project had died. But the British organisation behind the Pi has been working tirelessly on its development, and BBC News reports that – subject to final testing – the device will go into full production next month.

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Linux on ARM