ARM widens the appeal of its IoT OS with mbed client that runs on Linux

2015-May-01 | Tags: IoTanalysisembedded

Linux on ARMThe race for the hearts and minds of IoT developers is in full swing and ARM has been positioning itself as the defacto standard for IoT devices. Based on its hardware alone that isn’t an unreasonable proposition, but to sweeten the deal ARM has been working hard on its software offering.

Back in October of last year ARM announced its new operating system that will run on IoT devices, and enable them to connect to the rest of the world. Called ‘mbed OS’, it is a free operating system for ARM’s Cortex-M range of microcontrollers. These processors are less complex versions of the Cortex-A processors that you find in smartphones or tablets. They are ultra-low power, running at around 100MHz (or less), and are perfect for collecting sensor data.

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Linux on ARM