Inside ARM's Cortex-A72 microarchitecture

2015-May-03 | Tags: server

Linux on ARMThanks in part to the smartphone market's rapid move toward 64-bit-capable processors, ARM's licensable CPU cores have seen an upsurge in high-visibility deployments this year. From the Exynos version of Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 to newer offerings like the Qualcomm-based LG G4, ARM's Cortex-A57 has become the new standard for processing power in Android phones.

That's a bit of a change from the last couple of years, when custom cores like Qualcomm's Krait dominated the same landscape.

The folks at ARM know that they have to keep progressing in order to remain competitive with the customers who license their instruction set for custom core development. Thus, they've already announced the next-generation Cortex-A72 CPU core and, last week at a press event in London, they revealed the first details of this new core's internal architecture.

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Linux on ARM