Ubuntu MATE 15.04 Root Filesystem Available for ARMv7 Devices

2015-May-15 | Tags: compatibilitydriverkernelubuntu

Linux on ARMMartin Wimpress, the lead developer and founder of the Ubuntu MATE project, an official flavor of Canonical's Ubuntu Linux operating system, announced the availability of a root filesystem of Ubuntu MATE 15.04 for ARMv7 devices.

The new generic root filesystems of Ubuntu MATE 15.04 (codename Vivid Vervet) are designed especially for board manufacturers and ARMv7 enthusiasts who want to build Ubuntu MATE binary images for their ARM-powered devices.

"The Ubuntu MATE team have made a generic Ubuntu MATE 15.04 root file system for ARMv7 devices," says Martin Wimpress. "This root file system is intended for ARMv7 enthusiasts and board manufacturers who'd like to make an Ubuntu MATE image for their device(s)."

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Linux on ARM