[CentOS-announce] Release of CentOS-7 (alpha candidate) for AArch64 platforms

2015-May-15 | Tags: 64bitother_linuxredhat

Linux on ARMWe are pleased to announce the public alpha release of CentOS Linux 7 for AArch64 compatible hardware. This is the initial alpha release based on CentOS Linux 7 1503 ( Rebuilt from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 sources ), with architecture and modifications patching as necessary.

Because this hardware is very new and support for it is still evolving, there is no expectation for kernel ABI compatibility. Additionally, until the alpha period ends both the OS repository and the Updates repository are subject to change. This release was built on an X-Gene system from Applied Micro. We are working to test against other platforms to ensure broad compatibility.

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Linux on ARM