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2011-Sep-15 | Tags: archdesktopserver

Linux on ARMArch Linux ARM is an operating system, a distribution of Linux for ARM computers. We are aimed at ARMv5 platforms like plug computers, OXNAS-based ARMv6 Pogoplugs, Cortex-A8 platforms such as the BeagleBoard, and Cortex-A9 and Tegra platforms like the PandaBoard and Trim Slice. However, it can run on any device that supports ARMv5te or Cortex-A instruction sets.

Arch Linux ARM is a unified effort, combining PlugApps and ArchMobile with a closer affiliation to upstream Arch Linux. This collaboration brings users the best platform, package, and installation support. We're the same people working toward the same goal, but with a different name.

Arch Linux ARM is a full Linux distribution with all of the console, server, and desktop applications you can find in today's distributions. You can run many popular services, such as CUPS to print from networked computers; Apache, Lighttpd, Cherokee, and Nginx for web servers with full PHP and CGI support; FTP, NFS, AFP, Rendezvous, Windows and Time Machine-compatible Samba servers; or install a desktop environment (with a web browser, text editors, and more) accessible through VNC, DisplayLink, or HDMI displays.

The entire distribution is on a rolling-release cycle that can be updated regularly through small packages instead of huge updates every few months. It's based on Arch Linux, a light-weight and flexible, modern Linux distribution. Most packages are unmodified from what the upstream developer originally released.

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Linux on ARM