Arch, Ubuntu, and Debian Linux ported to the HP TouchPad tablet

2011-Dec-28 | Tags: archbodhidebianhpubuntu

Linux on ARMBefore hackers figured out how to install Google Android on the HP TouchPad, people were using the 9.7 inch tablet to run Ubuntu Linux… sort of. The discontinued tablet actually shipped with HP’s webOS software preloaded and early attempts to run Linux didn’t boot Linux instead of webOS. They basically let you run Ubuntu alongside Android and run Ubuntu apps without rebooting using UbuntuChroot.

But now it’s possible to install a full-blown Linux operating system on the TouchPad using some of the same tools you would use to install Android. The end result is a tablet that lets you choose whether to run webOS or another operating system when you turn it on.

Right now there are at least three different projects underway to port popular Linux distributions to run on the TouchPad.


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Linux on ARM