Cavium, Canonical Demo OpenStack Running on ARM-Based Servers

2015-May-19 | Tags: 64bitSoCserverubuntu

Linux on ARMAt the OpenStack Summit, the companies show a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ThunderX SoCs running OpenStack, Ubuntu and various workloads. - Cavium and Ubuntu Linux distributor Canonical are at the OpenStack Summit demonstrating the open-source cloud orchestration software running on a cluster of servers powered by Cavium's ARM-based processors.

The two companies this week are partnering to create an optimized solution for Cavium's 64-bit ThunderX systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) that includes not only the most recent release of OpenStack but also Canonical's Ubuntu operating system. The combination of the technologies is designed to enable businesses to build, provision, deploy and manage enterprise-level cloud environments.

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Linux on ARM