Raspberry Pi vs. Raspberry Pi 2 vs. CuBox: performance comparison

2015-May-26 | Tags: benchmarkdesktopfreescaleraspberrypiversus

Linux on ARMEver since Raspberry Pi was introduced to the world, the consumer market for inexpensive, pocket-size mini computers has been growing rapidly. The huge popularity of these tiny computers in the mainstream stems from a variety of DIY projects powered by these affordable hardware, as well as many readily available open-source software packages.

While the first generation of mini computers led by Raspberry Pi (model A/B) have been filling the need for many DIY projects in early days, there are increasingly more use cases where their limited hardware capabilities do not fill the bill. For example, Raspberry Pi and the likes may not be an ideal choice for routing traffic on a high-speed broadband link, hosting a Minecraft server for your friends, live transcoding, or even running a few browser windows...

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Linux on ARM