Fedora 22 for ARM Promises to Be a Game Changer

2015-May-27 | Tags: 64bitfedora

Linux on ARMPeter Robinson has announced that Fedora 22 for AArch64, a community-driven and -built operating system, has been released and is now available for download.

We saw the release of Fedora 22 yesterday, for the regular architectures, but now we also get a chance to install and run the AArch64 version of the distro, which is built specifically for 64-bit ARM architecture. Despite the fact that it runs on a very different hardware platform, there aren't any differences from the regular iteration of Fedora.

The ARM architecture has been getting a lot of traction in the past couple of years, and more devices are now shipping with this particular processor. They are not as powerful as their X86 counterparts, but they are a lot less power-hungry, and they can fit in all kinds of small devices.

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Linux on ARM