Tiny SODIMM-style COM runs Linux on Atmel Cortex-A5 SoC

2015-May-28 | Tags: COMother_linux

Linux on ARMKa-Ro’s SODIMM-style “TXA5″ COM runs Linux on Atmel’s SAMA5D42 SoC, offers Ethernet, LCD, USB, GPIO, and serial I/O, and supports industrial temperatures.

The TXA5 is the first Atmel-based member of the Ka-Ro Electronics family of “TX” COMs. Most of Ka-Ro’s COMs have used Freescale processors, and many have been sold under the Strategic Test label, including the i.MX283-based TX-28S from 2012.

Like all these modules, the TXA5 comes with an open source Linux BSP, and uses the company’s 200-pin, SODIMM-style TX computer-on-module standard, which comes in two sizes: 68 x 36mm, or 68 x 26mm. In the TXA5’s case, the smaller format applies.

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Linux on ARM