Raspberry Pi's Default Firmware Updated to Linux Kernel 4.0

2015-Jun-24 | Tags: debiankernelother_linuxraspberrypiupdate

Linux on ARMOne of Raspberry Pi's engineers, and also a moderator of the official Raspberry Pi forum, announced recently that the default firmware branch of the world's most known single-computer board (SBC) has been updated from the 3.18 kernel series to the more recent Linux kernel 4.0 branch.

Users are being informed that the source tree of Linux kernel 4.0 has been available for a awhile now, used by various Linux distributions supporting Raspberry Pi computer board, including the well-known OpenELEC.

The good news is that Linux kernel 4.0 brings support for more hardware, such as WiFi and DVB USB devices. All users can update the Raspberry Pi's default firmware to Linux kernel 4.0 by running the following command:

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Linux on ARM