Tiny Core 6.1 Raspberry Pi Edition Comes with Linux Kernel 3.18.10 LTS

2015-Jun-29 | Tags: kernelother_linuxraspberrypi

Linux on ARMBéla Markus has announced the immediate availability of piCore 6.1, a special edition of the Tiny Core Linux operating system specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC).

Powered by Linux kernel 3.18.10 LTS, Tiny Core 6.1 "piCore" comes with several updated core components, including e2fsprogs 1.42.13, util-linux 2.26.2, and BusyBox 1.23.2, as well as an intensively updated tcz repository.

"Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the immediate availability of piCore-6.1," says Béla Markus in the forum announcement. "Images with preinstalled SSH for headless operation and with GUI also available."

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