Linux Kernel 3.14.46 LTS Has ARM and ARM64 Improvements, Updated Drivers

2015-Jul-02 | Tags: 64bitdriverkernelupdate

Linux on ARMAfter having announced the release of the Linux kernel 4.1.1, Linux kernel 4.0.7, and Linux kernel 3.10.82 LTS, Greg Kroah-Hartman has also published details about a new maintenance release of the Linux 3.14 kernel branch.

According to the appended changelog, Linux kernel 3.14.46 LTS, which is a long-term support version that will receive security patches and updates for a few more years, appears to be a small release that adds improvements to the ARM and ARM64 hardware architectures, fixes a KVM Kernel-based Virtual Machine issue, and updates Bluetooth, GPU, Crypto, and SCSI drivers.

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Linux on ARM