Suse preps for ARM-ageddon: Piles up cans of 64-bit Linux code to feed server world

2015-Jul-15 | Tags: 64bitserversuse

Linux on ARMSuse has made a version of its eponymous enterprise Linux distro available for hardware vendors who want to deliver products to market based on 64-bit ARM processors, in a new expansion of its partner program.

Suse Linux Enterprise 12 shipped for the x86-64, Power8, and IBM System z architectures in October 2014, and Tuesday saw the arrival of a new version of the operating system for ARM's AArch64 architecture, albeit only for development and testing, for now.

"Suse's ARM partner program will provide ARM ecosystem partners access to AArch64-supported Suse Linux Enterprise 12 software and expertise, establishing relationships that will result in supported enterprise solutions on different hardware platforms to meet a variety of customer needs," Suse engineering veep Ralf Flaxa said in a statement.

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Linux on ARM