Suse Linux Enterprise 12 Says Hello to ARM

2015-Jul-18 | Tags: analysisserversuse

Linux on ARMSuse's partnership with ARM reflects the company's "we adapt, you succeed" philosophy, said Suse senior technology strategist David Byte. Supporting ARM architecture is about going where the business is. "From a competitive perspective, partners who engage with these technologies early will be able to take advantage of any number of innovations that are happening at the silicon level."

Suse Linux this week announced a partnership to extend support for 64-bit ARM server processors. The goal is to give Suse Linux Enterprise 12 users greater flexibility and cost efficiencies with respect to their infrastructures.

This expansion makes available to seven partners a version of Suse Linux Enterprise 12 that lets them develop, test and deliver products to the market using 64-bit ARM chips. The partners are chipmakers AMD, AppliedMicro and Cavium, and server manufacturers Dell, E4 Computer Engineering, HP and SoftIron.

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Linux on ARM