Glibc 2.22 Will Have NaCl Support For ARMv7-A, Libmvec Vector Math Library

2015-Jul-22 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopment

Linux on ARMOne of the features coming for glibc 2.22 is a port to Google's Native Client for ARMv7-A while separately there is also a new vector math library (libmvec) for OMP4.

Roland McGrath of Google contributed a port of Native Client (NaCl) for running on ARMv7-A with this next release. Glibc had been ported to NaCl for x86 architectures for some years now while with the next release it's getting support for ARMv7-A to ease the process of running GNU software via this Google sandboxing system on ARM hardware. Roland finished committing it on Tuesday.

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Linux on ARM