“Kite” Is the New Processor Core Announced by ARM

2015-Jul-24 | Tags: developmentembedded

Linux on ARMPresent in the vast majority of smartphones, consumer electronics, printers, cameras, hard drives and many other applications, ARM has announced the development of its first ARMv8-R processor core for real-time embedded apps.

Belonging to the Cortex-R series of real time processors, the new ARMv8-R will complement the ARMv8-A architecture improving the existing heritage of the 32-bit ARMv7-R processor, widely present in many consumer electronics and smartphones.

A new innovation within the ARMv8-R architecture is the introduction of a ‘bare metal’ Hypervisor mode which enables programmers to combine different operating systems, applications and real-time tasks on a single processor whilst ensuring strict isolation between them.

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Linux on ARM