Ubuntu 15.04 On The Tegra X1 Yields Even Better Results, More Benchmarks

2015-Jul-30 | Tags: 64bitbenchmarknvidiaubuntu

Linux on ARMEarlier this week I posted some initial benchmark figures for the NVIDIA Tegra X1 on Ubuntu Linux. Those results showed much promise for this 64-bit ARM big.LITTLE SoC that also bears a Maxwell GPU, but that wasn't tested for the initial comparison. Here are a few more benchmark results from this Tegra X1, including an Ubuntu 15.04 installation to show the difference against the Tegra X1 on Ubuntu 14.10.

If you didn't already see the earlier results, first go read NVIDIA's Tegra X1 Delivers Stunning Performance On Ubuntu Linux for the background information and the initial results. In this article is just some complementary data performed via the Phoronix Test Suite and uploaded to OpenBenchmarking.org.

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Linux on ARM