Quad-core 64bit MIPS processors execute ARM and x86 instructions

2015-Sep-05 | Tags: 64bitcompatibilityemulationmipsother_linuxvirtualizationx86

Linux on ARMChina-based Loongson has announced two 64-bit quad core processors based around a MIPS-derived architecture and including binary translation to run x86 and ARM code.

The nine stage pipelined architecture is called GS464E, and the 4-way superscalar processors are Loongson-3A2000 and 3B2000 – and include in-order execution units, two floating-point units, a memory management unit, and crossbar interconnect.

“Thanks to a series of significant microarchitectural enhancements, performance figures for the new chips show a 2.7x improvement over the previous generation cores [3A1000 and 3B1000],” said Alexandru Voica, spokesman for Imagination Technology, owner of the MIPS processor architecture.

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Linux on ARM