Marsboard AM335X Development Board Features a TI Sitara AM335x SoM

2015-Sep-06 | Tags: COMdebiandevelopmentother_linuxtexas

Linux on ARMHaoyu Electronics brought us several Allwinner and Rockchip Marsboard in the past few years, and now they’ve released a version based on Texas Instruments AM335x processor, with a form factor and features similar to the Beaglebone Black, but comprised of a baseboard and system-on-module.

Angstrom LXDE Desktop and Debian Wheezy 7.5 LXDE Desktop images for eMMC and SD card, as well as source code, and schematics (PDF only) are available on Marsboard CM335x download page.

The company is not trying to compete on price with the $55 Beaglebone Black, as Marsboard AM335x sells for $74.90, while the CM-AM335x system-on-module goes for $59.90 with shipping free for orders over $100. So it’s probably mostly interesting to people who require a system-on-module for their project. You may be able to find more information on Marsboard AM335x product page, and various other pages on Marsboard website.

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Linux on ARM