Ubuntu Touch Developer Proposes 64-Bit (ARM64) Images of Ubuntu for Phones

2015-Sep-08 | Tags: 64bitdevelopmentsmartphoneubuntu

Linux on ARMOn September 7, Canonical's John McAleely sent an email to the Ubuntu Touch mailing list, informing all developers and users about his idea of building a 64-bit image of the Ubuntu for phones operating system.

According to Mr. McAleely, Canonical's Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system needs to use the drivers from 64-bit versions of the Android OS. As you might know, the Android platform is now 64-bit capable, and more and more devices ship with this version.

Therefore, John McAleely proposes the usage of 64-bit Android BSPs (Board Support Packages) within Ubuntu Touch, either by building a 64-bit (ARM64) image or by using 64-bit Android in such a way that it will be restricted to only the container on which it is hosted, while the rest of the Ubuntu Touch image remains untouched.

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Linux on ARM