Running An X.Org Server On 64-bit ARM Can Be A Chore

2015-Sep-11 | Tags: compatibilityhowtoinstall

Linux on ARMWhile for many Phoronix readers it's been many years since being required to fiddle around with the X.Org Server's xorg.conf in order to configure your graphics adapter / monitor to get the X Server up and running, for 64-bit ARM (AArch64) a manual configuration may still be needed.

Red Hat's Marcin Juszkiewicz, a developer specializing in ARM Linux systems, wrote about small changes needed to get an X.Org Server running on 64-bit ARM. In this case, an APM Mustang.

Without a X configuration file that specifies the driver and BusID, the X.Org Server will fail to find a graphics card. This is due to the system's firmware not initializing the card and thus the boot VGA check failed.

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Linux on ARM